Brand Consistency: Why It's Important For Your Growth

If you happen to present your brand in an inconsistent way - you'll be on the road to sabotaging any credibility it has been able to build. Going back and forth in how you present your brand is inevitably going to hurt your business. Fact is, branding requires more than just having a logo and motto. In order to create an image and a visual identity for your brand, you'll have to be consistent with everything from your values and personality to your vision. This can help create a bond with your target audience and allow them to trust you, and see you as something they can count on. Brand consistency is extremely important if you want build a strong brand. In this article, we break down the primary reasons why brand consistency is integral to the success of your brand.


It Builds Authority

Building authority with your brand is the first step to establishing yourself in the big league and ensuring long term success. Brand consistency helps build authority because it ensures that people are familiarized with your brand in a consistent way, they're more likely to have a regard for you and hence allow you to become an expert in your industry. With the help of consistency, you can make your own brand story. This way, as you grasp a sense of your buyer's person - you'll be able to better communicate your brand story and consequently have a better rapport with your consumers.


It Builds Trust

The trust that you have with your consumers is often quite volatile. If you happen to be inconsistent with your branding, you will quickly break trust with your buyer personas. For instance, someone gets referred to your business because they believe you have the top of the line technology in the industry. However, when they land on your website, they realize it contains your old logo and is quite outdated. You've already lost the trust of your prospective, before they even tried your product or service! Consistency in branding on all of your marketing materials can help establish trust with your buyer personas and also allow them to have confidence in you, that you'll follow through with all your promises.


It Builds Awareness

The visual identity of your brand has a major role in establishing awareness for your business. This will consist of everything from your photos, typography, your logo design, and anything visual that comes to be attributed with your brand. Consistency is integral to your visual identity as it allows your prospectives to have visual reference in mind when they think of your brand. Put simply, brand consistency makes a huge difference in creating awareness for your brand. Of course, the ultimate goal is that instantly remembers what your brand is and what it's about the moment they think of it. And the more consistent you'll be, the easier it'll be for people to recognize your brand whenever they see it.