5 Life Science Marketing Trends in 2018 and How You Can Use Them

The pharmaceutical and health industry has oft exhibited an indifference or even cautiousness towards relinquishing traditional marketing tools in favor of digital ones. Digital marketing seems to be a foreign concept to many pharmaceutical companies and the trend is something you might have noticed if you’re associated with any such company.


There seems to be recent shift towards digital tools however, with many of the life science, healthcare and biotech creative trends being more digital oriented. Out of those trends, here are the ones that are the most prevalent in 2018 along with some information as to how you can use them.

      1. Advertising Is Getting Smarter
      2. Online Channels are the Key
      3. Video Content Is Joining the Fore
      4. Email hold Importance

With every passing year, marketing seems to be becoming more creative. New tools are being introduced that can help advertisers optimize their marketing campaigns towards specific sections of the consumer base, while also being able to target people based on their characteristics. This is done through the use of online tools that record people’s preferences and uses that information to act as a base for the marketing campaign as well as the audience.

Before, it was media channels that were the home for competent advertising that had a guarantee of getting across to the audience. These days, such media channels are considered to be a traditional outlet for advertising, with the focus towards them waning. What’s taking over instead are online influencers. Such entities, whether Instagram idols or YouTube channel owners, command massive followings at times and are considered to be far more influential than traditional modes of marketing. Their creative say in advertising has gained them the title of “influencer”, with social media influencer being what they are commonly known as.

Print media still has a big role to play in advertising, but it’s increasingly being backed up by video advertising. Video content is currently leading the way all over the internet, whether it be social media platforms or web browsing. All major advertising firms are focusing towards videos as their main source of advertisement, with entire marketing campaigns exploring different creative outlets with videos. The science and pharmaceutical industry happens to no different, in fact. Animations happen to be a public favorite when it comes to video marketing in the pharmaceutical world.

Email marketing happens to be as popular as social media where the pharmaceutical sector is concerned. Emails, which just a few years ago were considered to be an outdated tool, are now considered the mode of communication for professionals. An eMarketer study placed the ROI of email marketing at 122%. Therefore, email marketing has become a major tool for advertisement. Not only does email allow you to target a specific set of customers, but it allows you to get your message across in a comprehensive manner. Emails happen to one of the few remaining digital marketing outlets where textual content is still the king.


5. The Online World Is No Longer Separate From The Offline

Offline is not dead. It’s just overpriced. Many life science companies have stuck to a majority offline strategy because it’s what worked in the past and they believe offline practices are somehow more “serious” and proper. Answer this question: Would you rather be a little more proper, or a lot more successful?

The internet is now perfectly respectable, after a few decades of constant growth and expansion into all aspects of our lives. Now, the digital world can work together with the analog in multiple ways. i.e. You don’t need to throw out all the old practices that have gotten you this far. You might, instead, simply update them.

For example, recall the networking method mentioned above – target individuals who give you their business cards with content relevant to the conference where you met them.

If you find a lot of sales meetings don’t go anywhere and the prospect falls off the map in their busy lives, perhaps try combining meetings with email autoresponders? Have your reps make notes of what the prospect is interested in, then put them on a pre-made autoresponder on those topics. That way, you stay top-of-mind and relevant to them.

More direct combinations of real and the digital is virtual reality and augmented reality. They are expected to blow up very soon, with an estimated 20-fold increase between 2016 and 2021.

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